Intimacy & Erotic Empowerment Coaching

“Awakening To Your Erotic Blueprint™

As a Certified and Licensed Erotic Blueprint™ Coach trained directly by world renown Somatic Sexologist, Jaiya, I am trained to fiercely and compassionately help you reclaim and reawaken your access to full pleasure for yourself and for your partner. When we are fully self-expressed in our sexuality, we are fully self-expressed in all areas of our lives! When we are in tune with what pleasures us sexually, we can better feed ourselves and honor our partner’s pleasure as well.

At our core, we are beautiful erotic beings and our bodies are our instruments of pleasure, yet most of us have no idea how to play our own instrument, nor how to instruct our partners on how to do so. As your personal “pleasure guide,” I can help you reclaim your access to your full unabashed erotic power.

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If you’re ready to take a deep dive into reclaiming your access to pleasure, let’s schedule an Erotic Power Breakthrough consultation pronto to see if we are compatible partners for the mission. From there, we can create our plan of action to help you reawaken to your full vitality as a divine erotic being and determine if my 6 month transformational Awakening To Your Erotic Blueprint™ package is the next step for you.

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Pleasure Portal Circle online group for Womxn.

* If you are ready to access your full sex-expression, deepen your connection with yourself and with your partner, and live a life of unabashed freedom and joy…and want to be surrounded by other loving womxn who are on the same delicious journey, then the Pleasure Portal Circle may be the nurturing portal you are needing.

Claim your spot in the Pleasure Portal online circle for womxn which will begin in the Fall of 2021. With the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ as our foundation, we’ll be supporting each other through heart-centered discussions, embodied movement and sound healing practices around our sexuality as we dive deep into the discovery of self-love and how we can reclaim our access to more pleasure and love in our lives. Spaces are limited to 12 for each circle, so please apply above to save your spot!