About Beth

As a Certified and Licensed Erotic Blueprint™ Coach trained directly by world renowned Somatic Sexologist, Jaiya, Beth is clear on her mission to anchor the frequency of love and to help shift consciousness on the planet around sexuality from shame to full self-expression.

Beth is also a gifted and internationally known therapeutic harpist and sound healer; incorporating her talents to enhance and deepen her clients’ healing and embodiment experience. She is a graduate of the International Harp Therapy Program in San Diego and is a National Standards Board of Therapeutic Musicians Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner (C.H.T.P.) She has also studied sound healing at the Globe Institute of Sound & Consciousness in San Francisco. She studied Aromatherapy under Rodney Schwann at the Aromatherapy Institute for Holistic & Compassionate Care in San Diego. She is also currently in studies at the Accelerated Evolution Academy with Satyen Raja.

“As a middle-aged mama, I am declaring a reawakening and a straight-up reclaiming of my full sexual expression and I have the Erotic Blueprints™ and Jaiya’s transformational Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ to thank for that. Before experiencing Jaiya’s work, it was as if I only had a toe in my sexuality. I was wading through the murky swamp of post-menopause, with no signs of a libido; feeling old, tired, and thinking I was completely dried up sexually. The needle-mover for me during the course and what brought me back to my vibrancy was healing the shadows of trauma as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Being able to finally integrage and free the shadow of the scared “little girl” who had been hiding in for so many years until she felt it was safe to be “seen” has given me access to a profound sense of freedom, empowerment and renewed love of self.

Now, as a woman in her 50’s, I have never felt more vibrantly alive and free; not only in my sexuality, but in all areas of my life. I am more comfortable in my delicious aging body, more confident in asking for what I want and declaring my boundaries in and out of the bedroom, but most importantly, I have a deepened relationship with myself which has broken me open to an unconditional heart-centered love for humanity.

After years of body, mind and spirit therapy, along with intense spiritual and transformational immersions, studies, initiations and certifications, I am fulfilling my childhood self-proclaimed prophecy of living a life committed to helping others transform their pain and suffering. It is my honor to serve you in reawakening your access to living a life filled with pleasure and unabashed, fully self-expressed freedom! Let’s get on a call together to discover how I can help you reclaim your juicy sexual vibrancy and return to a deep and profound love for yourself and your relationships.

Beth is a mother, a writer, post editor for culturequake.com, a yogi, recording artist and singer/songwriter under the name of Ivy Sky. She graduated from Columbia College with studies focused on Dance, Writing and Public Affairs. Her background of dance, voice, music, writing and performance art have prepared her for sharing the expressive arts as a healing for the body, mind and soul.