Immersion Into Bliss

Photo by Jefry Moore

In this day-long immersion here with me in Asheville, I’ll lovingly guide you through a customized journey to determine your primary Erotic Blueprint™️ through a guided exploration of touch, smell, sight, sound, taste sensations in all of the blueprints.

We’ll look at where you are currently around your sexuality and then we’ll look at where you’d like to Be in regards to your erotic aliveness and your relationship with pleasure.

We’ll go over the Core Erotic Blueprint model—it’s states and stages—and determine which state or stage you are currently in and any possible shadows/obstacles to healing you may have that are causing blockages around your sexuality.

Through guided somatic movement, vocal sounding explorations, and soul-liberation writing exercises, we’ll open up the channels for your full self-expression and erotic vibrancy to bloom, grow and flow.

We’ll also spend some time communing with and grounding into the Eros of nature. This “re-wilding” and re-membering of your primal connection to the womb of the Earth is foundational to the reclaiming of your erotic aliveness.

With the information we gather during our time together, we’ll create a personalized plan for you.

By the end of the day, you’ll leave with a literal roadmap to explore ALL the ways you and/or your partner are uniquely wired for turn-on and arousal and what your next steps might be.

This immersion is a taste of the deep dive I do in my 4mth container.

Every immersion also includes a Harp Healing Sound Bath session to anchor in the new codes you’ve downloaded into your body.

After you’ve booked the date for our time together, we’ll have a creation call to get the energy going in designing the erotic immersion according to your specific needs and desires. The actual location of our event will be determined AFTER we’ve looked at what type of experience you want to create.

*Investment for Immersion Into Bliss

$555 for singles/$1111 for couples

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Coming in the Summer of 2023!

Pleasure Portal Circle online group for self-identified women.

* If you are a solid F*ck Yes! to access to breaking yourself wide open to your full sex-expression, deepening your connection with yourself and with your partner, living a life of unabashed freedom and joy…and want to be surrounded by other kindred beings who are on the same delicious journey, then the Pleasure Portal Circle may be the nurturing portal you’ve been craving.

Stay tuned for more info to come for this sanctuary online circle which will begin in the Summer of 2023. With the Erotic Blueprint Breakthrough Course™ as our foundation, we’ll be supporting each other through heart-centered discussions, embodied movement and sound healing practices around our sexuality as we dive deep into the discovery of self-love and how we can reclaim our access to more pleasure and love in our lives. Spaces will be limited to 12 for each circle. More to come!

This event is for all cis and trans women, as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experience of women.

Click link here to schedule a call with me to find out more and secure your spot.