Nakedly Menopausal With My Guitar

Beloveds, one of the reasons I’m so passionate about this journey I’m on in helping middle-aged self-identified women reclaim access to their £rotic Power is well, you know, because I am that middle-aged woman. 

Menopause hit me like a freight train running. And before I knew it, I was in the murky swamp of post-menopause, with no signs of a libido: feeling old, tired, invisible and thinking I was completely dried up not only sexually, but it totally felt as though my life-light was going out. 

The sudden waxing and waning of my hormones was wreaking havoc on my body, mind and soul. And what the hell was happening to my sexy hotness that usually turned heads when I walked into the room? Oh my gawd, I was becoming invisible. It was happening. I was becoming, and lean in as I whisper it, an old lady.

Shhhhhhhh…I had to keep it a secret. I wasn’t quite ready for the transition. 

Growing up on stage as a performer since I was a child, I was quite aware of the unfortunate conditioned construct placed upon female performers that once they start aging, they’re in danger of being unattractive and all washed up, and becoming invisible. 

I was feeling it. 

The patriarchy has done quite the number on people in general around our sexuality, but especially on older self-identified women in leading us to believe that we lose ownership of our erotic power as we get older. 

It’s a myth, y’all.

I discovered this for certain when I was introduced to the teachings of the Erotic Blueprints™️ and boom, mama literally got her groove back! 

The more I immersed myself in the teachings, the more I cleared shadows of childhood sexual abuse and returned to a profound love of self. 

I’ve never felt more vibrantly alive and free; not only in my sexuality, but I see it showing up in all areas of my life.

I want this for everyone on the planet.

Let me help you reclaim. Click here to connect with me to see if we’re a good fit for the journey.

Reclaiming the Pleasure Dome

Reclaiming the Pleasure Dome

Pleasure First

We’re not socially conditioned to put pleasure as a priority in our lives. We’re conditioned to obey authority, work long hours, waste our money on material things we think will make us happy, and we’re conditioned to squelch our natural primal sexual desires. However, putting pleasure first, especially our sexual pleasure, keeps us vibrantly alive and in our full power. Being in touch with our “Pleasure Dome” keeps us in successful relationships with our partners, as well as ourselves.

We’ve been taught to believe that sexual pleasure is taboo, bad, sinful and something we just don’t freely talk about. We’re offered a bare minimum, inadequate or even medically incorrect sex education in middle school, then left to figure it out on our own as we haphazardly make our way through romantic relationships, partnerships, marriages, separations and divorces. In the ancient days of some cultures, young men and women were schooled in the art of sex and how to pleasure themselves and their partners. It’s a shame the art of giving and receiving pleasure has been lost in the western culture; especially since being fully expressed sexually keeps us happy, loving and living a life that is radiantly vibrant.

And here’s a nugget of awakening: It’s an absolute myth that sexual pleasure stops at a certain age and that as we get older we’re no longer sexually vital or attractive with our wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin.

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