How does your body like to be played?

Are you fluent in playing all 88 keys of your instrument? Your body, that is—the divinely created instrument uniquely designed to give and receive pleasure.

The more fluent you are as a lover to your own body, the better you can teach your partner how your body desires to be played.

Tip o’ the hat to John Mayer, because Yessss, it’s true—your body is, indeed, a “Wonderland.”

One of the most frequent complaints my clients have when they come to me is that, despite a happy partnership, when it comes to their sex life…

…they’re completely unaware of what turns their OWN body ON, much less their partner’s body.

Dear lovers…come here.

I’ve got the codes to help you break yourselves open to new realms of your s xuality you didn’t even know you were craving!

With the life-altering teachings of the Erotic Blueprints ™ as our foundation, I guide you through a deep dive into…

• how you’re wired for arousal

• what turns your body on and what turns it off

• how to feed yourself and your lover in each of your blueprints

• peeling back the layers and integrating any shadows showing up as limiting beliefs

• breaking yourself open to a deep love of self

• reclaiming your voice in speaking your needs with your partner and in all areas of your life

• setting you up for juicy, blazing s x for a lifetime!

…and so so so much more…

Click here to take the free or in-depth Erotic Blueprint Quiz!

Click here to schedule a discovery call to work with me privately or to schedule a 1:1 full day Erotic Blueprint Immersion here with me in Asheville.

PS…I have holiday specials in the bag as we speak! Contact me for more info on my holiday offerings!

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