The Older I Become…the Brighter My Essence Glows

in the decadent resonance
of my authentic voice…
I speak my truth and desires
effortlessly into existence.

I’m not on the planet to play small.

I’m here to take up as much farking space
as I desire and lead the way for others
to do the same or even better—
especially older women
who’ve been put in the closet
by archaic societal conditioning
to become invisible
as their physical skinbags wither and age.

F*ck that shyte.
Mama’s not going in the closet.

I refuse to shrink and become invisible.

In fact, the older I BEcome,
the brighter my essence glows—
the bigger my heart expands
and breaks wide open.

What if taking up space
actually shows how
one’s heart is?

When our heart is wide open,
we love more deeply—
we create ripples of light into
the heart-space of everyone we meet.

The more open our heart,
the more open our voice is
to speak our truth—
moving something
inside of others
that is, perhaps, longing
to be moved
by the resonance
of our unique voice.

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