Wanna go on a Pleasure Hunt?

Do me a favor
and let’s go on an impromptu
“pleasure hunt”
with each other.

You game?


Now, take a conscious breathing moment
to get IN touch and present
with yourself…
deeply inhaling in
and slowwwly exhaling out…ahhhhh, yessss

And as you allow yourself
to drop into your body—
keeping present to your breathing—
I invite you to do a quick body scan
to see if you can find
where pleasure
is present
in your body.

Maybe you feel a tiny glowing
in your heart space…
perhaps there’s a hint of feel-good tingles
in your belly…
or perhaps you’re feeling something yummy
in your little toe?

Wherever it is in your body,
glow it up,
magnify it
and make it as big as you possibly can…
so that it’s radiating
throughout your entire body…
expanding, overflowing,
and spilling outside of you—
stretching out across the cosmos…and beyond.

Ahhhhhh, yesss, beautiful…
You’re practically
a shining star!

Can you feel the power
of getting present
to your own radiance, beloveds?

It’s one of the foundations
of the life-altering teachings
of the Erotic Blueprints™️
re-connecting with pleasure
in our body
and all the many ways
pleasure exists all around us—
reclaiming pleasure
as our birthright
and putting it as a priority in our lives

And when we’re
hooked into the radiance of our pleasure-shine,
it shows up not only in our sex life,
but in all areas of our life.

Click here to schedule a discovery call to work with me privately or to schedule a 1:1 full-day Erotic Blueprint™️ Immersion Into Bliss here with me in Asheville.

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